Program of De Mooiste File van Nederland 2019 on the 12th, 13th and 14th of April

Location: Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard, Noordwijk
Theme: Culture and connect


The 24th edition: The Most Beautiful Traffic Jam of The Netherlands/
De Mooiste File van Nederland 


Friday evening, 12th of April
On Friday evening, 12th of April begins a special parade of around 40 passenger cars and 3 floats of The Most Beautiful Traffic Jam of The Netherlands, starting at 17:30 hour. Thanks to the willing cooperation of The Hotels Van Oranje this preview can be seen on the Oranje Promenade, with hundreds of colourful and fragrant flower arrangements that are mounted on the cars. Entrée is free during the whole weekend.


Saturday, 13th of April
09:05 hour: Performance by Dance and Ballet School Jorien Boot on Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard
09:15 hour: Start of the flower parade of the Bollenstreek with theme: The World in Movement.
12:00 hour: The Most Beautiful Traffic Jam of The Netherlands will be set up on Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard. With cooperation of firm Koninklijke Beuk, car company G. Dol and more there will be a couple of cars shown on Oranje Promenade.
14:00 hour: Special entertainment for children.
15:00 hour: Performance of Dance and Ballet School Jorien Boot.
19:30 hour: Street parade with Tambour and Trumpet corps Euroband from Rotterdam, Drum fanfare Forum Hadriani from Voorburg and show corps Excelsior from Delft, starting at Konignin Wilhelmina Boulevard.
20:00 hour: A marching band will perform at the end of Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard with 3 corps of the street parade (free entrée).
21:30 hour: End of program.


Sunday afternoon, 14th of April
At around 12:00 hour special old-timers of the HAV (The Historical Automobile Association) and A-Ford will be shown.
13:30 hour: Facial paint for children by BIBI GRIME.
14:00 hour: Special children entertainment will start.
17:30 hour: Special performance by the Chinese Embassy.
18:00 hour: The program ends and all cars will depart.


The 3 floats are made thanks to Municipality  Noordwijk and friends of The Most Beautiful Traffic Jam of The Netherlands.


The program is provisional



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